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Mrs. Ficchi’s love for teaching developed from her love of acting.  As a young girl, Mrs. Ficchi was fascinated with the theatre. She loved reading, writing, watching, and acting in plays. She felt comfortable and at ease on the stage.  She learned how to be confident, courageous, and the importance of being a team player. The theatre, along with the encouragement of two incredible teachers, led Mrs. Ficchi to discover that she wanted to teach and inspire children, just as her teachers inspired and believed in her.

While working towards her bachelor’s degree in Theatre with a certification in Elementary Education, Mrs. Ficchi was named to the Dean’s List at Muhlenberg College. In addition to taking her classes, she worked in the College Admission’s office, was the Campus Delegate Coordinator, and was part of the all-female acapella group, The Girls Next Door. Upon graduating from Muhlenberg, she was hired to be the 5th-grade teacher here at Notre Dame Academy.

Mrs. Ficchi has been a teacher here at Notre Dame Academy since 2004.  She earned her master’s degree in Elementary Education in 2007. Her experience includes teaching 5th grade and social studies on the middle school level.  She also has served the school community as a Eucharistic Minister and as a coordinator for student and staff religious retreats. Mr. Ficchi incorporates her love of theatre into her teaching each day by having students perform role plays, write scenes and dialogues, and create videos in order to master the concepts being taught. Her goal is for her students to let their talents shine and is proud when they participate in local and national art and writing contests.  Mrs.  Ficchi’s favorite subjects to teach are reading and social studies, so her current role as 6th and 8th-grade language arts and social studies is perfectly suited to her. She especially enjoys reading novels with her class and having the opportunity to enhance instruction through the Chromebook program.

Mrs. Ficchi immerses the students in a fun, exciting, and intellectually stimulating classroom setting.  Students expand their knowledge in a collaborative setting through hands-on activities and projects and are provided with enrichment opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Mrs. Ficchi encourages her students to be forward thinkers and to learn through exploration and discovery.  As an 8th-grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Ficchi assists the 8th-grade students during the high school admissions and scholarship process.  She is also the faculty coordinator for the yearbook and 8th-grade graduation ceremony.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Ficchi is also the director of the Notre Dame Academy Drama Club.  She has produced both full length musicals and talent shows for her students to showcase their diverse gifts and talents. Mrs. Ficchi and the Drama Club has given many students the opportunity to find their voice, develop confidence and self-esteem, be themselves, and dare to think outside of the box. Mrs. Ficchi is happy and proud to be teaching at NDA and loves being a part of the Notre Dame family.